Global Peace Foundation For Youth Empowerment (GPFYE) is an international network of individuals and organizations across all sectors – civil society, religion, government, the private sector etc. – with the salient aim of bringing and building a world of peace and dream fulfillment for youths around the world. And with you, we can accomplish even more.

GPFYE encourages youths to great feats through positive pursuit for societal transformation. At GYFPE, we package and proffer relief humanitarian programs and services (learning projects, character education, sport, political awareness, skill acquisitions…) with a special focus on personal leadership and peacemaking skills.

Simply put, Global Peace Foundation For Youth Empowerment (GPFYE) is a global network of individuals and organizations where every youth member, follower, supporter or associate is propelled to attaining admirable positions live in freedom, harmony, co-operation and prosperity.

In our world, peace does not only signify the absence of war but also a term that applies to an expected relationship among nations. As such, peace is an essential quality that should characterize and exemplify all relationships.


To build a world without poverty, hunger, social vices and inequality. A world where everyone has a decent place to live


Seeing youths from all walks of life fulfill their dreams and aspirations for societal transformation.


To encourage and organize a global network of leaders who will develop communities, national and global peace building models as the foundation of ethical and cohesive society motivated by the vision of dream and aspiration fulfillment of all youths.


Our Core Values embody who we are as an organization, guide our decisions and inspire us. Through the regular application of these five principles, we continue to provide value to the world, and we consistently meet our goals:


With mutual respect and regard for one another, especially towards those who can be of no possible service to us; together we would cultivate and nurture that dream world where every individual can live happily, peacefully, in love and harmony.


In line with our mission statement, our readiness and broad-mindedness towards giving knows no boundaries. It has become our way of life, evident through design and engagements in community service programs tailored to continually cater for the less privileged.


Sincere and true to our vision, with an unswerving resolve to building a suitable and sustainable world for future generations, we would wake up one day and all our dreams would have materialized.


Compassionate and care giving attributes to us comes natural. We collaborate with both governmental and non-governmental parastatals and organizations in facilitating the provision of relief materials and aids for distraught individuals and communities.


Diligent in all our dealings, we are forever committed to our goals and as such, we recognize and celebrate the diversity in our society with exclusive preserve towards skill acquisition and youth empowerment scheme.


Our team brings together the brightest minds, working together to transform the world to a very peaceful environment.