Our focus on Community & Charity is embedded into all our geographies and seeks to help and support the local communities around us and beyond.


Our goals and aspirations are philanthropic in nature and also voluntary. A non for profit organization which centers on the social well-being of those in need.


Our main focus is on supporting vulnerable families. We work closely with other governmental departments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the community to achieve this.


Our programs are unique to our charity organization and are aimed at youth empowerment around the world.


Our quest is to enlighten and educate the youths on the need to be politically attuned to their environment and every day to day activities and happenstance. Political awareness in the right direction will ensure that the youths do not get involved in thugry and negative activism, thereby not being a tool for social menace manipulated on by unscrupulous politicians.


A platform where youth as change agents are nurtured and empowered using youth empowerment models designed to assist them with requisite skills to be able to effectively impact on their environment, make informed decisions and be able to initiate proper and positive interaction with their peers and above all, act as community advocates.


Let’s fill the world with compassion, peace and joy. And like Maria Montessori stated. “Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war”! To this back drop we will strive to be that change while wishing to see change in the world. As education breeds confidence, confidence in turn breeds hope whilst hope breeds peace. Let us all unite and give peace a chance. Always say no to terrorism and act of terror. By educating the child on the virtues and values of peace, we would have activated and peaceful future generation. Together, we can.


We tend to promote and propagate good leadership ideals; as such we have set up a panel drawn from the bright and the best, - think thanks. A crop of well respected individuals from different areas of endeavor who would design and set up criterion and modalities in form of an awards ceremony arum lecture series with the aim of recognizing and rewarding those set of individuals especially from the political sector, that has distinguished themselves as worthy examples in their respective areas of governance and jurisdiction.


In joint partnership with our international affiliates and partners, we will put together international conferences that will address pertinent national raging from, but not limited to; Fight Against Terrorism, Wealth Creation, Cancer Awareness and Enlightened, Independent Power Generation…etc, of course, this will be achieved with the support of the Federal and State governments plus the respective ministries involved during each conference.


In conjunction and collaboration with relevant agencies, ministries, associations and the sporting community, (NiSFAC, NAWIS, SWAN, NOA and SDEVPEN etc…) we will draw up our own annual calendar in celebration of “International Day for Sport Development and Peace which is commemorated on April 6 each year. Whilst there is no doubt about the positive role sports can play in the society, it remains work in progress to make sporting initiatives more powerful, sustainable and integrated into the nations’ development agendas.


Global Peace Foundation for Youth Empowerment offers training to people. This is a combination of courses, individual coaching and business plan development that is designed to help entrepreneurs develop business skills and attract financing. This program is available for start-up ventures of business expansion.